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The fight that wasn’t

For a fight that was touted as the fight of the decade, the century or whatever other superlative combination you can put together, in the end it was only about the money. So went Mayweather and Pacquiao.

The only meaningful statistic still up for grabs is whether the final gate surpasses four million paid subscriptions. Not a shabby number to think about when that translates to over half a billion dollars in receipts.

And that right there is the shame of it all. Analyzing the fight, and believe me there was not much analysis time wasted, it was obvious from the start that the fight was not going anywhere. Inexplicably, Pacquiao threw as many punches as a sleeping terrier having a bad dream.

Looking at that first round if he had just thrown a 20 more punches in the direction of Mayweather, who took his customary wait-and-see approach, he might have won the round. The same thing goes for the second round. Pacquiao literally lunged into Mayweather’s strategy.

You have to wonder if Pacquiao was just a little weary of the type of counterpunch that sent him to the deck against Juan Manuel Márquez. Or maybe it was the revelation after the fight that he will be having rotator cuff surgery from an injury he suffered two weeks before the fight.

And if the latter proves true then all that is left is the money. Whatever goodwill and interest the fight might have served to generate a new audience, went down the tube as round after round plodded along. Sad to say but this fight might have been more exciting if the two had stood on opposite sides of the street and thrown barbs back and forth, insult upon insult.

And you have to say something about the broadcast. Or not but I will. If this is the best that boxing can put on for their premier fight of the century, then they should throw in the towel and roll out the red carpet and make it a fashion show,

In retrospect it would be more entertaining to watch boxing people and sports broadcasters fawning over celebrities. I would pay to see Max Kellerman grilling Beyonce about her outfits or Jim Gray marveling at how well the men carried their tuxedos and lord what he would have said to Denzel Washington about his track suit if he had not been ordered to talk fighting.

Cue to self, next fight do not waste your time, just follow the post-fight tweeter and Facebook memes, they will keep you laughing long into the year or whenever the next fight of the century comes along.