Store sells food staples from dozens of countries and cultures

El propietario de la tienda, Eddie Musallet, estaba encantado de cortar oficialmente el listón en la inauguración de su última nueva tienda, World Fresh Market, que combina El Mercado Fresco, una cadena de tiendas de comestibles mexicana de propiedad local, con su primera tienda de comestibles internacional, World Fresh Market en 10303 Metcalf Avenue en Overland. Parque, Kansas. Los clientes hicieron cola para entrar a la tienda y comprar sus comidas favoritas.

Henry Sandate (arriba a la izquierda) fue uno de los primeros clientes en entrar a la tienda, y dijo que encontró un postre para disfrutar: el baklava, un postre turco de láminas de hojaldre en capas, rellenas con pistachos y miel. Sandate dijo que disfruta el postre con café. “Esta tienda representa muchas influencias diferentes, además de las influencias hispanas”, dijo. “Esta tienda realmente toca muchas bases”.


Eddie Musallet is bringing an entire world of flavor to the Kansas City metro area with its first international grocery store, World Fresh Market.

Musallet, owner of Mercado Fresco, a growing chain of grocery stores that offer a variety of Central and South American foods, had his store’s official opening on May 8 at the store’s location at 103rd and Metcalf in Overland Park, Kansas. The 45,000-square-foot store offers not just staples of Central and South American cuisine, but also a variety of foods from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian countries, among others.

Eddie said the journey to opening the store began last summer, when he heard a Walmart Neighborhood Store in the area was closing down. As a businessman, he saw an opportunity.

“And that turned into what we have today. So it was a vision that we’ve had for quite a long time,” Anthony Estrada told the crowd at the May 8 opening. (Eddie) has wanted to bring all cultures, all countries together. We represent over 40 countries. If your country is not represented, please let us know. We’ll work a little bit harder because we really want everyone to feel welcomed. That’s the bottom line.”

According to a press release, the market also includes a Fruitopia ice cream store, a mainstay inside Mercado Fresco’s store locations.

Eddie said that although he is most familiar with Hispanic foods thanks to his background, he is sure everyone will find something they love about World Fresh Market.

“We want to support and supply and bring in from all over the country to the communities,” he said. “My backbone is the Hispanic community, El Mercado Fresco, and we’re expanding from there, and we want to try to cater to everybody. That’s really important.”

Carlos Gomez, president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said the opening of the market follows a recent rise in ethnically diverse markets and eateries opening in Johnson County.

“The diversity of foods have become almost an American staple, and it’s growing. You see the Peruvian cuisine lately, and in the last year you’ve seen three Cuban restaurants pop up in Kansas City and one of them is actually opened up on a second location in the Northland here coming soon,” Gomez said. “So that just shows you that people want diverse foods. They want diverse cultures, and Kansas City is no different.”

Helen Ortiz of Carthage Commercial Real Estate lauded the growth of such businesses in the metro area.

“We want to thank you for making this possible and bringing all the different ethnicities and the diversity in our city,” Ortiz said. “We are growing, and this is part of that growth.”

Customers shown up early and waited in line for the official openings, Nibaldo said, “I came early to see what products the store has and because they have a history of great Mexican food products and fresh fruits, vegetable and bakery and the store is closer to my home in Johnson County, plus the store has great prices on their foods.”

Mexican lady said, “I like the fact that I no longer have to travel to Wyandotte County topurchase all the Mexican products that I need to cook a meal. I like the idea that this store provides other types of food products from other countries and I will learn about the other types of foods products. Laura Sanchez.

Henry Sandate was among the first customers to enter the store, and he said he found a sweet treat to enjoy – baklava, a Turkish dessert of sheets of layered pastry, filed with pistachios and honey. Sandate said he enjoys the dessert with coffee.

“There’s just a lot of lot of different influences that this store represents, in addition to Hispanic influences,” he said. “This store really touches a lot of bases.”

Anthony Estrada thanked his family and his employees for their hard work in getting the market open and running.

“We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts and the Associated Wholesale Grocers, family for all the efforts, the long hours, and we thank our families for putting up (with) the long hours,” he said. “We would like to thank everyone else for their efforts, especially all the teammates that are here.”

Eddie reiterated that although many cultures are represented at the market, he still encouraged those customers looking for Hispanic grocery items to come to the store and see the variety for themselves.

“My backbone is Hispanic, and the Hispanic community all over America is the biggest growing community right now,” he said, “so that’s top priority for us.”

World Fresh Market is located at 10303 Metcalf Ave. in Overland Park.