Just Saying

Most of the country is shut down. News coming out of Washington on the pandemic over the last few days has not been good. We are all hoping that we can get back to normal, whatever that may be in today’s world. People in the metro and around the world are posting lots of situations on how they are dealing with the virus and how they are staying at home. Some are sharing of Facebook how they are having to close their business and yes there are some that are dealing with a house full of kids. Some are saying it’s mind-boggling. So Hispanic News has created a segment just for our readers to express how they are REALLY are coping and feeling these days. It’s called “JUST SAYING.”

Virus is causing me a meltdown

“Trying to be all right with the way things finally hit hard yesterday. I had a complete meltdown. I needed a time out from being a parent, teacher, referee, cook and housekeeper. I needed some space. Having to stay home on beautiful days and not being around family is getting more and more difficult. I am doing what I need to do to help my family and it is difficult trying to keep 2 little ones entertained and happy while trying to keep my emotions and frustrations under control. The more people are selfishly disregarding what is being asked of them the longer things will continue to be the way they are. STAY HOME! I don’t like it, you don’t like... we ALL don’t like it! Think about all those that are working endlessly around the clock. Think about those that are dying alone. Think about those that are in the hospital and nursing homes that cannot have family around them. Use your freakin head and think about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that risks their lives to help save the life of loved ones. Be responsible and keep your kids away from play dates and those that DO NOT live in your household!! QUIT being so damn selfish and stop thinking about yourself!! EVERYONE is going through the same thing! If you are one of the assholes that are doing what you want, when you want and don’t give a crap about anyone else then screw you! What is it going to take to get people to understand how this is affecting everyone? Maybe for someone they love to be in a hospital dying and not being able to see them? Or maybe for themselves to be in a hospital dying and not being able to say goodbye? Well then it would be too late! This is affecting people in so many ways!! If you are having trouble understanding how this is affecting people I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old that could probably explain it to you without words. Get your shit together and get your priorities straight! Quit being so damn selfish!!!,” said Sherry Tinoco.


Interesting indeed.

• 40 days the flood lasted...

• 40 years the Exodus lasted...

• 40 days of fasting in the desert where Jesus was tempted...

• 40 days Jesus' appearances lasted after his crucifixion and resurrection...

• 40 days it seems that the isolation called "quarantine" will last.

Number 40 specifically in the Bible attracts much attention, even to today, 40 days are the ones you recommend to the woman to rest after giving birth. 40 is the weeks of gestation. A group of theologians think that number 40 represents "change", it is the preparation time of a person or people to give fundamental change, something will happen after these 40 days.

Rivers are cleaning, vegetation is growing, air is clean due to less pollution, the starry sky in the evening is visible even where it was covered by pollution, less theft, less murders, the earth is on rest for first time in many years. I would like to take advantage of these 40 days. In the Bible, every time number 40 appears there is a " change" so if we are in quarantine "obligated", let's enjoy it with family, it will be of great blessing, and we will see the changes God will make in our lives. If we add that we are in 2020 that equals 20 + 20 = 40 let it be what God wants.” Rita Garcia formally of KCMO.

To our valued customers from Rosedale Bar B Q ,

“In the interest of the health and safety of our team, their families and the community, we are making the very difficult decision to temporarily close effective Friday, April 3rd. Rosedale Barbeque has been family-owned and in continuous operation since 1934. We are grateful for all the hard work and effort of our team and for the support of our loyal customers over the past 85 years. We’re not going away. We’re doing what we feel is best during this difficult period. Please continue to follow us on Facebook and check in regularly on our all-new website for information on when we plan our re-opening. Until then hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. The Main Rosedale Light will remain lit to symbolize the flame that still burns strong with hope and optimism during this difficult time. We anxiously await the day the OPEN part lights as well.” Until we meat again...stay Bone--Fide Kansas City. The Rosedale family (owners, crew, and of course, Dollar Bill)

Food pantry can use a helping hand

“If anyone's interested our food pantry as are many around town are being hit extremely hard. This is a community wide matter due to the influx of families in need of services due to the world wide pandemic. I feel fortunate to be working as are my wife and son. They've labeled us as essential, I just call us blessed. There are many losing jobs, reduction of hours, layoffs, It’s tough on all of us. Through my blessings I feel I can do more as I can, when I can. The community has been very giving towards the healthcare industry and towards our hospital. So I ask please If you have an extra canned good, boxed product, fruit canned products. Toothpaste, floss, roll of towels, cereals, we'll take almost anything. If you like to help, you can see me at work at Christ the King church pantry at 8510 Wornall KCMO 64114 or message me, call.me, text me, (816) 223-8106 or I’ll come to you. Getting on here asking people to help when they have their own families to support is not easy, but it's become a need as society seeks services. They are showing up in heavy numbers asking for help. They are coming from our church, neighborhood and surrounding areas. Many are first-time people who in the past never sought such services. Thank you everyone, stay well, and stay blessed during these times,” said Ed Herrera.

Caught myself having a panic attack

“I had a panic attack yesterday for the first time in months. A combination of too much news yesterday morning and a very disturbing photo in my Facebook feed set it in motion. It's so hard for this news junkie to stay away from the news, but I've put myself on a strict diet. Instead of watching the evening news last night, I read. I got up this morning and turned on my Serius music. My new favorite is a station called The Bridge, soft rock from the 70s. I got the weather off of my app. and I'm reading only enough from the two publications I subscribe to in order to keep up on what I NEED to be informed of and what *I* need/can do. At a friend's suggestion, I might try PBS News Hour tonight. Facebook is a way, especially right now, that I can keep up with my loved ones and what's happening in their lives. I'd like to ask people to please remember that some of us have anxiety issues, especially now, and think before you post images that *should* be disturbing to anyone. I wish there was a way to use key words or something to block certain things from appearing in our feeds. Right now, I'd like to see more puppies and kittens and landscapes, jokes and positive/hopeful news. Call it burying my head in the sand. But I cannot take the 24/7 barrage of what NBC is daily calling "America's new grim milestone," said Kerri Fivecoat Campbell formally of KCK.

Remembering the no hug rule

“I grew up in a house always in quarantine. My father had TB before I was born and was in a sanitarium for 10 years. He could only see visitors at a safe distance. No touching, caressing, and he was a long bus ride away at the opposite end of our state. Then, after the new TB drug showed promise, he was allowed to return home. Then mom and dad had me. I can remember my mother washing dishes with just a tiny bit of bleach, and cleaning the house with a cloth dipped in a small dish of water and bleach. The smell of bleach is a scent I identify as “clean.” Father never really became totally clear of TB so he had to be careful. I never knew this of course until dad passed away. To me this was all normal, the cleaning, the slight smell of bleach. Dad never really kissed. He turned away when I tried to kiss him. But he gave loving hugs. He showed me love at every opportunity. Our house was always clean. Mom kept us safe and dad never got too close. I was given a yearly TB tine test until my father passed away when I was 15. To this day I don’t know if it was my mother and father‘s careful practices that none of us contracted TB or that my father just wasn’t a carrier and the drugs really worked. This quarantine business has made me appreciate how hard my parents tried to keep me happy and normal while trying to keep me safe. Carry on parents you can do it for your family. We can all do it for our world. God Bless,” Christina Allen.