Revenge is just a dish, winning is dessert

By Jose Faus

After Sunday nights’ Las Vegas - Kansas City game, I was struck by so many things that I am having a hard time deciding where to start or what thread to follow as I begin this column. I was expecting a dominant KC performance to go along with the line I had set up to open up the column.

I was so certain Kansas City would beat the Las Vegas Raiders I had already written the introduction to the column. “They say revenge is a dish best served cold but in this case it was tastier and hot as heck after a big Kansas City blowout.”

Well it ended up being kind of lukewarm. Actually, in retrospect it was damn ass cold - ask the Raiders how they felt when Travis Kelce caught the pass in the end zone with 30 seconds left. They looked like somebody dumped a side of ice cold revenge on their backs.

Derek Carr, never a fan, has actually played lights out for a while this season and Sunday night was no exception. He did everything in his power to win the game including what he must have thought was the game winning dart to Jason Witten in the endzone. Then he went back to the bench looked up and realized there was a minute and change left on the clock, and you could feel the chills going up his spine.

Yeah, that’s revenge for you. The Raiders defense had done a good job of denying the long ball to quarterback Patrick Mahomes but not the end zone. And Kansas City needed that as the Raiders exposed Kansas City’s defense again. They are not back sliding because there’s too much leadership on this defense to believe they are as bad as they were this weekend but there are some things that need fixing.

Chris Jones needs to get that offside thing taken care of. At some point it’s going to kill Kansas City as it almost did Sunday. And it looks like this might be one season where I can’t count on the free meals for every sack the team makes. It’s getting tough out there. I might go hungry for a while. But I have to accept that there are good teams out there, and to dominate gets harder and harder. Consistency is the best thing to hope for and a big part of that is winning.

Kansas City stands now 8-1, more than likely Western Division champions again and headed for the playoffs. Looking around the NFL it is hard to see any team that can dominate Kansas City. Four quarters is the requirement and it is hard to believe that over four quarters the offense won’t score enough points to win most games. Still I’m looking for that complete game and not just from the offense.

And while we are talking complete games, what can you say about Patrick Mahomes after all these years? I never had a doubt the offense was not going to score at the end. I was betting on a touchdown because lord knows I don’t want it to end on the flip of a coin. I’m sure Mahomes was thinking the same thing and he could do something about it, I could only watch. Ah, the life of the fan.

Watching that last drive, I felt so at ease I could have been at the dentist office having my teeth deep cleaned without anesthesia and just had goofy smile on my face. It feels like that sometimes. It is the feeling that all these other great teams have had for years as they rubbed our faces in the dirt of defeat. With a player like Mahomes there’s always a chance.

I feel lucky in many ways to have seen so many incredible sports figures that were the best at their game. Mahomes is a generational talent much Like Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in Soccer, Wayne Gretsky in hockey, Tiger Woods in golf, Michael Jordan in basketball, and the king Muhamad Ali in boxing. I feel lucky to have seen them all in their prime.

Mahomes may spoil us all to where we begin to believe that we will always win. But sports is never that easy. Sure, the Steeler won a ton of Super Bowls as did the Patriots. I want to see a few more come Kansas City’s way. And I want to see what Mahomes’ career will be like. If fortune is kind that is many years away from its final chapter and along the way many teams will litter the road of defeat.

It’s not pride that makes me think that way, it is the overwhelming desire to see the team you root for become the model franchise, the one that rewrites the history books. I’m not going to plan on any more columns with revenge as a theme. There is just too many things going on to be so focused on revenge. I hear the team bus left the Las Vegas stadium and headed straight to the airport. They are saving the victory lap for when it counts.