In the end, it was much ado about do do. This Super Bowl may go down as one of the most boring on record, and there was a certain scent to it that will linger long afterwards, just ask the New Orleans fans who had a huge second line parade to wash away the demons from the NFC Championship game that denied the Saints a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Certainly it was dismal given the high scoring we have seen this year in the NFL. Now the narratives will go something like this. This is old fashion smash them up football. Good to see the defenses coming to play in this game. This is what the NFL is all about. This was a defensive masterpiece.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The narrative was there for all to see coming into the final game. The Rams quarterback Jared Goff was touted as one of the great talents at the start of the year after the Rams offense put up offensive numbers only diminished by the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

But if you were paying attention you were hearing the rumbles that Goff was not the quarterback at the end of the year he was at the beginning. He was showing tendencies of being a nervous Nellie under pressure. Would the Patriots put pressure on Goff? Duh, if they were any kind of team they would and they did. The Patriots play off the other team’s weaknesses.

The vaunted Rams running game, relying on running back Todd Gurley appeared to be unstoppable much like Sherman’s march towards Atlanta. (Forgive me. I couldn’t resist that) Again, if we were paying attention it was obvious that something was off with Gurley towards the end of the season. Either teams had figured out how to play him or he was injured.

The Patriots played the kind of game you expected them to and apart from an early interception, Brady was methodical and consistent. The offense struggled at times, lackluster would be a compliment, and yet they held a three-point lead for a long period of time.

Julian Edelman, he of the short, quick, rabbit-like steps, was the thorn in the side that shows up in crucial games. Funny to hear the commentators after the game proposing he is a Hall of Famer. I won’t argue with that. A guy that can break your heart in such consistent fashion when it matters deserves the plaudits, especially nowadays when the last thing you do is the most celebrated.

Then there was the narrative that talked of the old master Bill Belichick up against the up and coming wunderkind Sean McVeigh, the brilliant offensive mind that everyone in the NFL wants to copy.

I am not a mastermind when it comes to analyzing the games. I am a fan of the game and I will not argue with those that get paid to watch and comment on every sporting event in the world. I will say that there was no coaching contest here. The game was in the hands of the Patriots all night long. They dominated the time of possession, a crucial thing in the modern game.

Belichick did what Belichick does and that is figure out a way to win. He saw and heard all the things we heard and saw and he coached like he was the only one that mattered. The Patriots won this game because they believe in a coach that will put them in the position to win if they minimize their mistakes. People may not like the Patriot way, but what is wrong with being fundamentally strong?

And as far as the defenses go, you have to hand it to the Patriots. The Rams have all-stars in that defense and still they could not dominate the game. The Patriots played like they were the ones with the all-stars. The Patriot way is not flashy but it is enough to match the other team. That is a great formula for success.

There were no fancy plays or gimmicks and the quarterbacks were not the most gifted athletes on the field, but one of them was consistent enough to hoist another championship trophy.

Brady is a great leader in a system that knows how to win. I am just hoping this is the last time he hoists that trophy above his shoulders. I don’t say that because I dislike him, I say that because I really believe we have that player in Kansas City who will hoist at least a couple of trophies before all is said and done.

Now we pack up the football word processor and put away the football cheer until next year - same time same place.


Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes scores big in post season


The plaudits just keep on coming for the Chiefs franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Fresh off the All-Star game, where he was the MVP, Mahomes gathered more trophies to add to a bulging collection.

To the surprise of no one in Kansas City he was chosen as the NFL’s MVP. He was also crowned the NFL’s offensive player of the year. In his first full year as a starter he threw for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdown passes to lead the Chiefs to their first home playoff championship game.

It is hard to near impossible to find anyone that predicted this kind of success. I was not unhappy with the trade of Alex Smith. I was hopeful he would be good but not until the third game did I begin to think that we had something really special in Kansas City.

The future is bright here in the middle of the map, and it is going to be a long off-season before the team takes the field again. The doldrums are setting in. It is going to be hard to get excited about anything else given the promise that waits over at Arrowhead in 2019.

Tony Gonzalez drops the ball, Robinson picks a well-deserved award.

In other Chiefs’ football news, all-star tight end Tony Gonzalez was announced as a first ballot Hall of Famer. Again there was no surprise there as the numbers he put up in his 17-year career merited the recognition.

Gonzalez’s selection was not taken well by some fans after Gonzalez appeared to throw shade on his accomplishments in Kansas City.

In comments following the announcement Gonzalez said, “Nothing against Kansas City … I was there 12 years but only three playoff games. When I got to Atlanta, it’s like all of the sudden you are part of this winning organization. You’re on TV every week doing Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football games. I love it here.”

Gonzalez spent 12 of his 17 years as a football player with the Chiefs and his remarks did not sit well with many fans. Facebook and twitter erupted with locals upset about what many perceived as a slight of the Chiefs and the fans.

The uproar sadly diminished the spotlight on the selection of former safety and flanker Johnny Robinson who was selected by the old timers committee. Robinson was a member of arguably one of the greatest defenses to ever play the game.

He was an incomparable safety and his knack for finding the ball led him to be named a six-time AFL All-Star and one-time Pro Bowler, as well as a five-time All-AFL First Team selection and one-time All-Pro First-Teamer. He ended his career with 57 interceptions in 164 games, good enough for 13 on the all-time charts.

It is hard to appreciate how great those early Chiefs teams were. Robinson’s inclusion only adds more luster to their legacy. If there is any justice Otis Taylor will someday find his name enshrined at Canton.