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Arce Communications, Inc. grew in 2003 with a brand new product called Kansas City Hispanic Pages. It was a huge success for our advertisers and our community, with 53,000 copies distributed in both Missouri and Kansas. Kansas City Hispanic Pages, a business directory, has already geared up once again to continue to provide this service in our fifth year.

Both Hispanics and non-Hispanics use the Hispanic Pages, which is distributed to homes, businesses, and corporations – and at least 3.5 persons per household using this to access information- you, the advertiser, benefit from the total of nearly 200,000 customers who see your ad in our publication.

American Family Insurance, Ford Motor Company, Bank of America, Commerce Bank, Kansas City Power & Light; social service agencies: Guadalupe Centers, El Centro Inc; Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce; area restaurants: Manny’s Mexican Restaurant, Rudy’s Tenampa Taqueria; area colleges: UCM, The University of Kansas and many more had already capitalized on this opportunity on our first issue.

We have no doubt you’ll want to join them and be among the first in 2008 to make the most of this business opportunity.
With a growing Hispanic population throughout Greater Kansas City, there is a great need for Kansas City Hispanic Pages. As you may already be aware, the latest U.S. census figures show that, throughout the country, the Hispanic population will double in size over the next decade. Locally, between 1990 and 2000, we’ve already experienced that double growth – growth that expanded a multimillion-dollar market into a billion-dollar market. And it continues to grow.

With Kansas City Hispanic News, a firmly established bilingual publication, Arce Communications already taps into the 25 to 54-year-old age group in the medium and upper income brackets. We also tap into the growing Spanish-speaking community.
In the Hispanic Pages, we offer special sections for advertisers who want to reach service providers who cater to the Hispanic individual and businesses. We also offer a special section of interest to Hispanic entrepreneurs and a financial section for financial services that want to do business with them.

Arce Communications has been successful in this area since its 1996 establishment of Kansas City Hispanic News. The success of this weekly newspaper illustrates our commitment to continue serving the 200,000 Hispanics who live and work in the metropolitan area. “Our staff and sales force are what make Arce Communications so successful in meeting the needs of Hispanics across the Greater Kansas City area,” said Joe Arce, president of Arce Communications.
Kansas City Hispanic Pages offers high- quality four color, spot color, and glossy pages throughout its publication. We also offer discount rates for advertising in the Kansas City Hispanic News for those who want to augment and intensify the impact of their ads through regular insertions in a periodical that reaches the same audience.
Over the last several years, hundreds of advertisers have taken full advantage of the possibilities offered by Kansas City Hispanic News. We’re confident that now, with the 12-month shelf life offered by Kansas City Hispanic Pages, hundreds more will take full advantage of the options offered by advertising in both venues.

Arce Communications prides itself on offering a quality product as we continue to serve the Greater Kansas City area. We know that as a business, you are always looking for new opportunities, both in and outside of the Hispanic community, to increase your consumer base and increase your bottom line.

Sincerely yours,
Kansas City Hispanic Pages