Timing for concert was perfect

Community Concert was a must

The Westside Neighborhood Concert brought residents from the across the metro it was more like a huge block party. And those attending didn’t miss a beat with the live bands and the DJ’s. There were plenty of hugs for families and friends. Even KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas along with state representatives and school board representatives joined in the neighborhood concert.

By Newsroom staff

This past Saturday, was as good as it gets when it comes to a neighborhood event. So many families have been stuck in their homes for more then 16 months due to COVID-19 pandemic. Three organizations, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Mattie Rhodes Center and KC Hispanic News, decided it was time for the people to come together for a live outdoors Westside neighborhood concert with local and national entertainment. Local Tejano favorite Las Estrellas band and national award winning Tejano artist Gray Hobbs were on top of their game performing to a huge crowd. Hundreds enjoyed listening, dancing to the live entertainment and enjoyed the great food. Also on hand were DJ Astro and DJ Munch with their variety of tunes.

Kansas resident Christina Moreno-Batrez said, “It’s so nice seeing and every one coming out. I applaud these community leaders for organizing this event… it was so needed, for people to come out and say hi to each other instead of talking with each other through Zoom or Facebook. It was really nice to hug people at this event, I’m so happy.”

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member Angela Renee Florez posted on her Facebook page, “We needed this, our community needed this… we had people from the Westside, Northeast, Strawberry Hill, Argentine neighborhoods and some people from Texas. We came together as a whole community and we supported one another. It was so beautiful to see grandparents, tias/tios, friends and children all together. Yet alone, to see them dancing and having fun.”

Chicky Lopez posted on her page, “Had a great time at the concert. Great to see our community gather and enjoying themselves. I ran into a lot of people that I haven’t seen for a while. Thank you to the organizers of the event. I’m ready for the next one.”

Kathy Tinoco said, “I think this is wonderful the community is out and about and to see faces that I haven’t seen in over a year plus there is even a vaccination booth here at this event.”

Giselle Araiza (13) received her vaccination along with her brother at the Westside Neighborhood Concert. She said, “It didn’t hurt,” I totally would recommend that kids my age get the vaccine because school is just around the corner of opening day. Giselle’s mother Elisha Araiza said, “This is a wonderful event and we came to have a great time and be healthy at the same time. I was surprised to see a booth offering vaccine shots, so my kids took advantage of the opportunity and I would recommend everyone to get vaccination. I had a family member die from COVID – 19.” Araiza added, “I try suggesting to people and family to get the vaccine. But people are set in their ways.” Millie Macias said, “This event is great but protect yourselves by wearing a mast. “

John Fierro, CEO of Mattie Rhodes Center (MRC), said, “We are so appreciative of the opportunity to bring this event to our Westside community with our partners KC Hispanic News and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of GKC. We heard over and over again throughout the night, how much families needed to get out, have fun and see their loved ones.”

Hosting an event like this also gives MRC staff and leadership a chance to listen to our community members and find new resources and opportunities to serve, in areas such as adult recreation and youth development.

Joe Arce said, “it felt so good seeing over a thousand people come out having a great time. It reminded all of us how blessed we are to live in Kansas City and I want to express our gratitude to all those who help make this event a success. But most importantly, we want to encourage people to get their vaccine so that communities can continue to come together and enjoy each other company. As we all did this past weekend.”