“The U.S. Stole 1/3rd of Mexico, Period”

By Raoul Lowery Contreras

For the three decades I have toiled to spread the truth about Hispanics (or as some call Latinos) I have written about Hispanic heroes, Hispanic countries and Hispanic culture. Thousands of my words have been published.

The history of Hispanics in America as well as the accomplishments and contributions of Hispanics to the U.S. has occupied me for a generation.

So why does the whining of some TexMex political conservatives in a recent OP-ED complaining -- read whining -- bother me?

They complain that a forthcoming exhibit at the National Museum of American History (NMAH) presents an “unabashedly Marxist portrayal of history, religion and economics.”

They are: “Alfonso Aguilar…president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. Mike Gonzalez is a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation. Joshua Trevino is chief of intelligence and research and the director for Texas Identity at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin…”

Some of their complaints have value but most don’t.

Example, they complain that the museum presents as fact that the United States stole one third of Mexico in 1848. But, that is true.

Apparently these three do not know that U.S. Marine officer Archibald Gillespie was sent by President Polk to organize expatriate Americans in San Diego. He was there in civilian clothes when word arrived that Congress had declared war on Mexico. By the time U.S. Marines landed in San Diego, Lt. Gillespie controlled the critical harbor town.

Do these three think that Gillespie was in San Diego by accident? Do they even know who Gillespie was?

They are correct in complaining that the Museum does not recognize the enormously important contributions by New Orleans based Spanish Governor General Bernardo de Galvez and his thousands of troops and ships that defeated the British in battle (Mobile) after battle (Pensacola) and was present with over 40 ships and men at the Battle of Yorktown.

Nor does the museum mention that General Galvez took several of his 40 ships and sailed to Havana from Yorktown where, with the Archbishop of Havana, he raised what would be millions of today dollars in melted down gold and silver wedding rings, jewelry and gold and silver coins and church chalices. They even stripped gold leaf from church walls.

General Galvez took the gold and silver back to Yorktown and presented the millions to General Washington who paid his troops that the Continental Congress had not paid in months.

If these three men really represented Hispanic truth they would simply Google these various subjects, collect clippings and spend a couple of hundred dollars to collate them and present them to the 535 members of congress pointing out that the “Marxists” at the Museum are insulting at least 63 million Hispanics who want their story told truthfully not by a bunch of communist hacks at the National Museum.

Also, being Texans, they would have to have the courage to copy a particular Texas court case the U.S. Supreme Court decided before it declared segregated schools were illegal Hernandez v. Texas (1954).

The court declared Mexican Americans to be a “discrete class” (legally discriminated against by the state) in Texas.

Facts: The plaintiff, a Mexican American man convicted of murder by an all white jury, appealed because Texas did not allow Mexican Americans to serve on grand or trial juries.

That case should be honored with a place in this National American History Museum.The Supreme Court decision was made by nine white men. Nonetheless, these three “conservatives” don’t mention history-changing Supreme Court decisions that conservatives don’t like.

That is where these three whiners drop the ball for 63 million American Hispanics. Hernandez v. Texas proves that Mexican Americans fought to the highest levels for justice. That struggle started when Americans decided that it was America’s”Manifest Destiny” to rule all real estate between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

The President of the United States lied to the American people in 1846. Mexicans did not attack U.S. troops on American territory, it was Americans who attacked Mexicans on recognized Mexican territory. Ask Congressman Abe Lincoln of Illinois. He proved beyond doubt that President Polk lied to the American people.

The proof was walking around the Mexican city of San Diego, Alta California, in mufti, conspiring to steal California from its rightful owner, Mexico. His name, Lt. Archibald Gillespie. There is an airfield named for him in San Diego which he helped steal for an American President.

These three Texans have no idea. Worse, they whine.

Contreras is a U.S. Marine veteran, a political consultant, author and commentator and hosts the Contreras Report on YouTube