Sure was a waste of a nice day for Chiefs fans


There is nothing worse than getting up on a Sunday morning, knuckling down to make sure all the chores are taken care of so you can turn on the television and watch the Chiefs win, and then they lose.

Two weeks in a row is old already. Was not expecting that this year. Sure they are going to lose some games. I did not expect then to go undefeated, but to lose two straight at home - that was not in the equation.

And the way they are losing is making it difficult to generate the kind of enthusiasm that carried many fans through last year. Now before somebody calls me a fair-weather fan I should tell you, I have never given up on the team to win the Super Bowl until they are mathematically eliminated.

As far as I am concerned they are still headed to the Super Bowl this year, but there is a little lingering and nagging feeling that we have been here before. Way too many times if truth were told.

It all comes down to that defense. I heard someone on the radio this week talk about how the Chiefs don’t really need to have a good ground game or even be able to stop a ground game to win. They will continue to get their possessions and that will lead to points and they will win.

Well that really has not been the case the last two weeks, and actually if you go back to the Lions game, the Chiefs have been courting disaster for quite a while. There is no secret on how to beat the Chiefs. Everybody is going to do this till the team figures it out. Opponents will try and stay close in the beginning and do everything in their power to score even if it means going for it on fourth downs.

If you can manage to get even and or get a lead going into the fourth quarter, you have a good chance if you have a good ground game to keep the Chiefs off key. They can’t play this tune. This defense is not going to stop anybody. They are 30th in the NFL in run defense. What that means is that anybody out there has a good chance to have a career day against this defense.

Hate to single out players but can defensive end Frank Clark play anymore wider on the outside than he is now. The man single handedly takes himself out of plays. It can be embarrassing and you know it has to be bugging him. And talking about tackling, I am sure the team looks great on the tackling dummies but please someone tell the team the dummies don’t play.

The defense is not the only one at fault here. I don’t want to single out the coaches because I do think they are doing a good job. The team is just not playing disciplined football. I don’t even want to add up the penalties the Chiefs committed. One thing is certain, when your game is so precarious that you have to play as mistake free as possible, penalties are not a good thing.

You can have the greatest quarterback in the world but let’s be honest the offensive line is not living up to expectations. Can Eric Fisher really be that good? Something is wrong. How many times have the Chiefs lost the possession game and lost the game? Two times. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out the defense is getting worn out but let’s face it, there is something lackadaisical about the offense.

Yes, Patrick Mahomes has the great arm but do we want to see it mostly when he is running out of the pocket and making plays? That constant throwing off balance, while it is remarkable to watch, can lead to an over confidence. There were moments of Mahomes’ recklessness. He is relying too much on the trick, and that is not good fundamentally.

I don’t necessarily want him to settle into a drop-back passer, but it sure would be nice to see some consistency in pocket formation and duration. Will we have to wait until Mahomes is going out there with a cane to try and make a play to figure out we need to keep the man safe? How long till that ankle just gives up?

As fans we are always hopeful believing that the big win streak is just around the corner. But if the team is not careful they are going to squander all the good that the offense has done. A 4-2 record is not that bad, but this team needs to get their act together before it becomes a 500 record. If this keeps up, I may just forgo the chores until the game starts. That might make me more productive, at least I won’t feel like I wasted a nice day.