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KCK South Patrol police station, meet and greet

Do you know the police officers that patrol your neighborhood or may be answering your 911 calls? The Kansas City, Kansas police department South Patrol division invited the community to attend an open house meet and greet with the officers that work out of South Patrol and in their neighborhoods.

The state-of-the-art South Patrol station opened in July 2017.

“We are having a meet and greet because there are still people who haven’t seen the facility, so we decided to have this event so people could tour the new facility and meet the officers that work here,” said Major Ken Anderson, South Patrol division.

The former South Patrol building was 1,200 square feet of space for the officers. The new building is 6,000 square feet and it includes a community meeting room for the residents to use.

“Our community meeting room will be the polling place for registered voters to come during the primary and general elections as they cast their votes this year,” he said.

The South Patrol building has a report room set up with computers for officers to use if they want to write their report outside of their patrol cars; there are several captain offices, a long sergeant desk, locker room, a roll call room and eventually they will have a report desk set up at the front door and a community room set up for neighborhood gatherings and business meetings.

“We have three or four people a day coming here. They come to either make a report, or they have questions about tags for their vehicles or questions about drivers license, we have had a lot of people making complaints about speeding in the neighborhood,” said Major Andersen.

The South Patrol facility has installed equipment that will house their body camera footage. At this point in time, the police department does not have body cameras, but the new facility has the technology that is needed once the cameras are put in use.

“We don’t have a date yet on when we will get body cameras. We have it narrowed down to three vendors. We have a grant we have to use I think by next March, so we are going through the process,” he said.

The community room has been well received by the business community and neighborhood organizations.

“Our community room is being put to good use by businesses and neighborhood organizations. We have businesses that use the room for training sessions. I know people are happy that we are here and that they have access to this room to use,” said Major Andersen.

Police officer Anthony Brown graduated from the police academy in October 26, 2017. South Patrol is his first assignment and he has enjoyed getting to know the south division neighborhoods and the residents he serves.

“I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, this is my home and I had the opportunity to go to college and graduated. There is no better way to give back to my community who helped shape me into the man that I am today. I was influenced when I was in school by my DARE officer Taylor. He was someone that I looked up to and made me think about becoming a police officer,” said Brown.

He enjoys getting out on the streets and interacting with the community and enjoyed meeting the residents that came to the open house meet and greet.

“We get out and interact with the community and the kids. I think that will help to build the community trust with police officers,” said Brown.

Joyce Lawrence attended the meet and greet at South Patrol.

“I love it. I am so happy that they have this. It will be nice when they have the front desk open and people will be able to walk in. I am so impressed with the entire building. The building has high ceilings but the room is equipped with acoustics so that the sound doesn’t carry out into the other areas. I am amazed with the technology here in the building,” she said.

Kansas City, Kansas Community police officer Jesus Casas attended the South Patrol open house. He has been on the department for 15 years and it is the favorite part of his job—meeting and talking with people.

“I love more than anything that I can communicate with people…talk to people, listen to their problems around the neighborhoods. Whatever they want to bring to the table, we listen to it. I loved the open house and meeting all the people. We always want to meet people. We tell them if they ever have an issue, come to us, that is what we are here for, to help people with their problems, big or small,” explained Officer Casas.