No stopping Fiesta Mexicana
Last Thursday in Topeka, Kansas, storms rolled in causing major flooding impacting the annual Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Fiesta Mexicana. According to David Tinoco of T & G Productions “the water just kept rising and rising causing havoc for the vendors and for all the sound equipment. It rained for a good 45 minutes nonstop just before 5 o’clock in the evening. People had already started to arrive but organizers had no choice but to shut down the fiesta for safety concern.

Elias Garcia who has been involved with Fiesta Mexicana told Hispanic News, “Never in our history has the fiesta been shut down. … We are talking some 80 plus years, never once has been shut down due to rain. Last night the streets were flooded, corners were rivers … So much rain came down it just flooded these streets like little lakes … If you look at it now it is all back to normal.”

Garcia was not surprised that thousands of people came back the next day “Friday” because “that is the true fabric of the Fiesta Mexicana. Shutting down for one day can be a big financial hit for the parish and their school the people bounce back in supporting the fiesta. It’s just a part of the fabric of Topeka and that’s why everybody is out tonight.”

Garcia also says this Fiesta Mexicana is very well organized, ”They have a cord of people that are experts in planning the fiesta and as you can see we are back to normal again like we didn’t miss a beat.” In a matter of hours the fiesta was back on track for Friday and Saturday evening.

Raul Rubio Guevara said he was disappointed the fiesta had to shut down due to the weather. “We love to support Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and the school to help these kids grow, develop and become active citizens in our community.” Guevara was thrilled that the fiesta was up and running on Friday, with a huge smile on his face he said, “It’s fun, food, it’s fiesta time and good to see friends and people who come from all over the region to support Fiesta Mexicana.”

David Tinoco and his company T&G Productions and many others who come out to volunteer and those who have supported the fiesta for 84 years, know this year’s Fiesta Mexicana might have taking a hit financially but that is not stopping them from planning next year’s fiesta.