Lee’s Summit Mayor Pro Tem Jose “Beto” Lopez sworn into office

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Last Thursday evening at the Lee’s Summit City Hall, Jose “Beto” Lopez was sword into office as the District 3 councilman. He told Hispanic News after being sworn in, “I was ready for this moment. I worked very hard to get to this stage. … I feel prepared and I want to make a difference. This is something you have to have a calling for helping people by getting involved and making a difference in the community and I feel that calling very strongly.”

Lopez’s message to the city and to the people he represents: “I will represent them in the most fair and ethical matter and their best interest. I don’t have any agenda for myself personally. I simply want to make this city better than what it is now. Lopez is very much a family man. He not only wants to make sure the city grows for the better, he wants it for the residents and for his own children Michaela, Celena and Sophia for years to come.

Vanessa Lopez, Beto’s wife, told Hispanic News after the swearing ceremony, “What was going through my mind was what it took to get here. … I’m so proud of him for doing what he did.”

Vanessa admits running for an office and campaigning can take a toll on the family. “I appreciate the fact it was a family affair, our girls helped campaign, they helped us go out. … Our families were very supportive and going forward we understand the work that is going to take for him to help the city.”

Hispanic News asked Vanessa what is her husband best quality? “What you see is what you get. … He is always the same. He is level headed, very patient. He listens to both sides of a story before making a decision … him being level headed will serve him best,” said Vanessa Lopez

The Lopez’s know after this campaign that every vote does count. Vanessa said her daughter Michaela came home from KU to cast her vote, “She was able to drive home and vote for him (dad) so her and four of her friends who had never voted before all voted and those could have been the winning vote. We kept telling people that every vote was going to matter in this election,” said Vanessa Lopez

It’s been a long journey to the council chair for Lopez, who won a seat on the Lee’s Summit City Council by a razor-thin margin in the city’s District 3 race on April 3. Lopez unseated his opponent, incumbent Diane Seif, by a victory of only four votes. He received 1,106 to her 1,101, with one vote being tossed out by the Jackson County Election Commission upon a recount.

Beto, who grew up on Kansas City West Side and whose leadership experience includes stints on the Lee’s Summit city’s Planning Commission and Economic Development Council, as well as the Guadalupe Centers, says his years of experience serving his community prompted him to run for office.

“Helping others and volunteering is in my DNA,” says Lopez. He will participate in his first official city council meeting as a councilman on Thursday, April 19.

Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve seen that unless you get involved, you really can’t make a difference. That was the way I was brought up, and I take that with me wherever I live.”

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018 newly elected City of Lee’s Summit Mayor Bill Baird appointed first-term Councilmember Jose “Beto” Lopez as Mayor Pro Tempore.

Both Lopez and Baird are beginning their first terms as elected city officials of Lee’s Summit.

The mayor pro tempore assumes the powers and the duties of the mayor during the absence or disability of the mayor, or if a vacancy occurs. The mayor pro tempore also appoints, with the advice and consent of the majority of the council, all council committees and liaisons no later than the first regular council meeting in June.

“Councilmember Lopez is an outstanding individual who will no doubt serve our city very well as mayor pro tem. I look forward to working with him as we face the challenges and celebrate the future successes of this City Council,” Mayor Baird said. “Both Mayor Pro Tem Lopez and I share the excitement of new beginnings with the entire City Council and are anxious to get to work for the citizens of Lee’s Summit.”

“I appreciate Mayor Baird’s confidence in my abilities and I look forward to serving with the Mayor, our city council colleagues and city staff,” said Mayor Pro Tem Lopez. “I’m excited to get to work and continue to make Lee’s Summit a great place to live and work.”
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